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Thursday, June 29, 2006


oh my holy molly cow.
i realised. that i have.

okok so its not that big a deal after all.
But i realised, i have TONNES OF SCREEN-NAMES.

For example, right now, im using BOTH Empress Dowager AND missDONUT.

If you look at the end of my entries, it reads AISLIN.
sometimes when i tag i use SHAR or SHARMAIN.
my emails begin with SHARMAINTANG or TANGSHARMAIN.


so, im thinking of changing either AISLIN or missDONUT.

Do u prefer AISLIN or missDONUT?

Do let me know which one you prefer alrights? One of them will have to vanish forever.
Though i must say i really like both of it.

aislin's came about through a stupid blogthings quiz.
It came out as my IRISH NAME which i grew to like it alot.

missDONUT was given cause i had a sudden for donuts on one particular day.
So it has a stupid yet hiliarious history.

Now now...
tell me which one should i continue using.

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