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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

i tried to align the words today AGAIN but to no avail so i resorted to the last method. Uploading the pics to photobucket.
BOO! I know the pics might take some time to load... Even though its merely 5 pathetic pictures... =((
Im lazy to blog. So i shall use short sentences to sum up instead.
Celebrated Qi's bday on Thursday.


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The 4 lovely ladies!

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The Birthday Girl~!!
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Donut and her tofu.

Been out the entire weekend. Busy with some personal stuffs. *BIG WIDE GRIN*

to make up for the absence.. you can have some pictures of ME!!

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I love fake lashes. and looking non-chinese. WAHAHHAHA

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MY NEW GLASSES! and its dark blue. Welcome to the family!

School's starting in 4 days time. And i have tonnes of work+project to be done. Im VERY VERY low on cash but im still buying.

Ezann & Yvonne came over to my place to make prepare POTATO SALAD and KONNYAKU(correct spelling??) JELLY for Mei Ying's bbq. No pictures though, but the food turned out great.

Left early cause im extremely tired due to the lack of GOOD REST. Plus now my room is CLEAN, i want to spend more time in my clean clean room. =))

Now i just want some peace and quiet in my life.
And more money too.

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