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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Day ended off great. =)

Met up with Tofu at SunPlaza to rent some VCDs. Mainly Kangaroo Jack, The Art of Seduction & Just Like Heaven.

I'd say Just like Heaven's the best out of the 3. Art of Seduction is pretty brainless but its all in for a good laugh. Kangaroo Jack is just predictable.

Bought lots of munchies home to eat. Im growing so fat and miss tofu is feeding me! Even had dinner on top of our XXL chicken, TUTU kueh, Smelly Tofu & Waffle Hotdog. That chick even had konnyaku jelly!

Gossiped and chatted and played with my 10kg niece who kept eating.
I love movies, i might end up renting more tmr if i have no date still.

Rain Rain go away.
missDONUT wants to play.

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