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Sunday, May 21, 2006

my relationship with you.

im sorry for neglecting you.
im sorry for not paying u as much attention as i used to.
im sorry for leaving you hanging there while i do something else.
im sorry for coming to you only when i need your help/service.
im sorry for everything.

but no matter wad...
i will always love you.

my dear cpu.

YEAH YEAH. i have been neglecting my com quite alot.
that's probably the cause of the lack in updates. LOL
im getting kinda lazy to blog you see. and partly cause my nails are longer now.

its not easy typing with long fingernails you know. =) there is an increase percentage of typing error and also you feel a certain "pain" while typing.

lets see... celebrated miss val's birthday in school on thursday. it was a low-key one and boy was that girl disappointed. we didnt even present her the birthday gift.
well, always leave the best thing for the last aye?

attended her birthday chalet at downtown east pasir ris on friday. it was a stayover event.
played with whipped cream and cakes. about 1/3 of our classmates were present at her BBQ.
gave her the birthday present( a medium size baby slyvester soft toy + white sunnies ).

It was a gift from the class. Bought her a necklace with her initials on it as a personal gift.
Classmates brought their bf(s) along and we were all chatting... From playing truth dare or dare to watching them playing a horror game on Xbox.

Slept at around 3 cause i was really tired. I need about 14 hours of sleep nowadays. LOL

Did i mentioned that i made M turn up for the chalet. Im a devil, so wad?

Went home the next morning.

Met up with joa and ying in the evening for DA VINCI code... It wasn't brilliant... It had a rating of 3/5 stars and i would agree with it too. The main storyline is there so it wasn't as disappointing as Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire...

Only the more detailed stuffs were changed/cut short...

If you haven't read the book, the movie is a very good guideline already. The pieces of the story falls in place nicely so there shouldnt be any problem.

What i dont understand is... WHY IS IT CALLED

THE DA VINCI CODE... when only the front part of the decoding is associated with leonardo da vinci. I mean why cant they call it




or something along that line...

its the same case as Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire. I mean, the goblet of fire is only that "thing"... Why cant they call it Harry Potter and the wizarding contest or wadever shit...

*shakes head...

im sorry... i think too much..

Anyway here's a pic of my dear classmates..

I know my mouth is covered la.. But u all see my face also see until sian le right... so i show my classmates enough le la...

Have a happy week ahead...

From left to right :

Valarie, Mei Ying, Ezann and Yvonne.

And us on our oral comm ICA. yes we were in our formal wear. And predictable, im wearing black. I know the pic's abit blur and yvonne is missing. Cause that poor girl is DOWN WITH CHICKEN POX!!!

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