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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Maybe tofu's right...

perhaps he did think of me as his lifelong partner.
perhaps it was a moment of foolishness.
perhaps, like every other man, he was tempted.
perhaps he does already realizes his mistake.
perhaps he really wants me back.

but hey, its all nothing but PERHAPS. Assumptions. They are nothing but baseless assumptions.
so wad if its all true? It's not gonna change a fact.
in fact, nothing. NOTHING can change the way I feel about you right now.

Paranoia + selfishness = defensive.

arrrrrr...fuck it.

time will tell. Sincerity will show. And I shall wait and see ( that's all I can do right?)

on a lighter note, I got an A for my Oral Comm ICA!! *applause.
apparently, there's only 1 or was it 2 A scorers in my class.

I shall be a real bitch and praise myself to cloud nine. =)
My tutor gave me lots of good comments(obviously) and I scored 41/50. *jumps around

That's GOOD and bad... It means I HAVE LITTLE ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT. but does that mean im a little closer to perfection?

Im sorry for all the crap. And its kinda rare (these days la) to still find me online and blogging at this hour. TIME CHECK : 1205am

Ive been doing my much-hated Econs tutorial and my project, up till this very second, and im downing coffee. Although my work is done.

I so wanna watch Over the Hedge and X-Men 3. Even my mom is interested in X-men 3. So anybody wanna watch the cartoon with me?

ARGH!!! I cannot give in to temptation. I saw this super low offer for my lavish item N80 going at a price of only $988!! It's a $100 cheaper den retail stores!!!

I need SOME tuition jobs. ANYBODY???
now, I have SOME motivation to wanna go back and start working..

I HATE U!!!!

and now, I need to sleep... zzzzz

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