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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Just Picky Enough
You're willing to give Mr. Maybe more than one chance to make a good impression. And on occasion, you've totally scrapped your checklist and let your instincts rule instead. True, your "flaw detector" may help you avoid wasting time with men who could never make you happy. But it also has the potential to make you judge guys with too critical an eye. Unless you share your feelings with him, he'll never know what he did to annoy you (and he'll never have the chance to fix it). So before you blow him off for good, tell him what's wrong. If he disregards your comment, proceed to Plan B (dump him). But if he truly makes an effort to adjust his behavior, well, you might have a keeper on your hands.

LOOK TOFU! we got the same results. BAH

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