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Monday, May 01, 2006


thank god i dont have to work... but im not celebrating it either. LOL
and i dont have to attend school... its all E-learning!!

why cant they have more e-learning den i can stay home and do more self-study...
im in front of my com most of the time. =)

anyway... left work early at 11pm on friday instead of 1 to catch a midnight movie.

16 Blocks. starring bruce willis. not THAT nice...but its not THAT bad... its okay loh!

Headed home soon after... Was feeling utterly tremendously tired on that night. I swear i have no idea why... i slept from 4am till 3pm the next day... I didnt even turn up for training and work...

Met up with 2 of my classmates and brought them down for interview at indochine.
Time passed pretty quickly on saturday though...

Had a late lunch at Sketchers in Bugis. It's opposite Ajisen at level 1. Had their pasta which didnt was pretty good. I was STARVING... but i ate so much garlic bread together with my mushroom soup that i finished my pasta with lots of difficulty... my friend thought it didnt taste good.. LOL

Oh and their mushroom soup is nice. =)

i'd suggest 2 person to share the serving of mushroom soup.

work was fine. Had late guests from the Simple minds after concert party. Got pissed off at some of the stupid colleagues...

Headed home and slept...


There's so many movies i wanna watch in the month of may...
- da vinci code
- superman
- x-men 3
- MI 3
- over the hedge

and much much more...

And im waiting patiently impatiently for PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN 2!!!

Im gonna spend so much in may. BOO~!!!

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