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Sunday, May 14, 2006


today started off great. though i had to keep in mind that my Oral Comm ICA takes place in 2 days time.

slept all the way till 12noon.

took a shower and did a hair mask + conditioning cause i havent conditioned my hair for a loooooong loooooong time...
watched some beauty show about facial mask. it was so tempting and irresistable. Thus i gave myself a facial mask. right at home.
I even prepared the hot water and icy cold water for the after-mask treatment.


after the facial, i proceeded on to an eye-mask, of which i soon fell asleep right after my eye-mask treatment.

HEAVENLY. i woke up looking BOO-TEE-FULL...

Headed over to causeway point for a mother's day dinner. Finally settled at Siam Kitchen cause there was too many people at The Soup Kitchen.

Bill was of cause charged under my sister. HAHAHAHA, free dinner. YUM-YUM.

went shopping and bought more FACIAL MASK and FACIAL products. alright so wad even if im a sucker for such stuffs.

bought more finger food(and lots of ice-cream)...
and finally home sweet home...
im so tempted to do myself another mask.

I feel pretty today.

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