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Friday, May 19, 2006


im queer/weird/unusual.


lol, i was rolling on my bed(like usual) and then suddenly something pop into my mind.
not only am i different from other people... i differ quite alot from people that shares blood relations as me as well.

1. every other members in the family has naturally curly wirly hair. whereas i have naturally so-straight-it-looks-rebonded hair.

2. When schooling, none of my sisters have the habit of eating breakfast, in fact, they dont even like to eat breakfast. But i DIE DIE DIE DIE must eat breakfast when im schooling, even if its just 2 slices of plain bread.

3. Everybody can only seem to be good in one locally spoken language. Mainly mandarin. Whereas im proud to be the only bilingual in the family. Yes, even my elder sister is not that good in her ang moh too.

4. I am the most talented person in the house. I'm the only that is musically-inclined (piano and CO), sporty(netball badminton etc), smart (debate,law quiz,academic), IT-savvy( remember i set up the router and adapter ALL BY MYSELF??)... None of them can play any musical instruments, they dont know how to activate the firewall in the computer...blah blah blah...

that's all for now... need a lil nap...

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