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Sunday, May 28, 2006

i ought to be studying for my STATISTIC ica. im not
i ought to be studying for my MARKETING ica. im not
i ought to be studying for BOTH the above mentioned ica. im not
since im not studying...
i ought to be doing something productive(eg cleaning up my room). im not

can somebody lift the laziness spell from me.
its killing me.

Did u all watch Singapore Idol 2.
I dont mean to brag, but i seriously think i can sing better than 1/3 of them.
It's just my personal perception anyway. i could be wrong.
Until the day i decide to lift this heavy ass of mine and take part in the competition, i will never know how well i'd flare.

So its all nothing but crap.But if u think im a good singer *AHEM, den tell me okay..
make me smile =)

that aside, my projects are piling up and i havent even started on them.
Not even doing research nor brainstorming nor even thinking about it.
Wad a very wasted weekend. Though i did study a bit for my 2 ICAs tmr afternoon.
Bless me with all the luck.

i had developed a phobia of logging in to wholivesnearyou website... but since i always check out that website for online auctions... i login today..

that asshole message me again. TWICE. that makes it a total of 3 times!!!
i wont call that random messaging no more... im going to BLOCK HIM!! WAHAHAHAHAHA

and this time... the message is even more disgusting...

The message reads "hi, wanna meet for sex? i pay $700, bj only $350 wan? i dun mind looks, wear sexy can liao. if u interested, sms me now!9633XXXX, John"

and u can see that under the saved messages, u can see his name appearing 3 times straight in a row. I didnt delete it because i cant be bothered to delete messages in that website. That's why i have a total of 210 messages.

Im so disgusted.. Im going to vomit out my dinner. WAIT i cant... MacDonald expensive... cannot waste food like that...

spoil my day. BOO!

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