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Thursday, May 04, 2006

The day started off great.

had chwee kuey for breakfast which was absolutely yummy.
I only took a whooping 5 mins to do my make-up. Today i put on triple eye-liner and i even used my new mascara. *drools at my sexy lashes.

OH..its the new maybelline intense XXL series. It's limited edition by the way.

1st lesson was IT and we had the e-quiz... Damn i nearly freaked out cause i didnt study.. LOL i mean i merely flip through the notes la.. LOL the contents were pretty dry anyway...

So the entire class sat for the 15mins 25 MCQ question quiz which makes up 8% of my total grades.. LOL

submitted the results AND VIOLA...
pops out my results..


i got 24/25!!!
YIPPEE YAY!!! for a subject that i didnt even study. Then again, i think its cause i spend so many hours in front of the com for me to not know nuts about Internet and Web.

Oh and i got the highest in class. LOL *pats herself on her head...

the rest of the lesson was as per normal... had lunch and headed for my stats lecture...
Miss always so blur sharmain... has brought the wrong set of lecture notes to school. I brought marketing instead of stats and thus i ended up sleeping through that 2 hours of stats lecture...

Okay okay... not 2 full hours... i paid attention of 15mins... AHAHAHAHA

headed to bishan j8 after school cause my classmates needed a place to slack all they way till 6pm... so we walked around....

Oh and i finally tried the macdonald's milkshake... somehow i still prefer MOS burger one... More creamy.. =)

cheers to mos burger...

walked around and bought a couple of stuffs...
black socks for work.
more colored pens...
cute files to store my stuffs...
and last but not least




for ur info... i bought 20 pieces of it... LOL but i think im going to eat 10 of it... AHAHAHAHAH

GOSH... look at the amount of soup flowing out of the xiao long bao!!!


sorry for the poor picture resolution cause i forgot to change it to macro mode.. AHAHAHA

imma go and gobble up more of it before its all gone. =)

xiao long bao xiao long bao here i come

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