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Monday, April 17, 2006

Suddenly, i wish school starts earlier instead of starting at 2. Now im stuck at home with nothing to do except to get really excited about school later on. Its amusing. After 1 year of no schooling, im so excited about getting to school.

It's almost like back in my high school days where i look forward to returning to classes after our holidays. Oh how i miss those days.

Well, at least now i have something to look forward to.
And i just realised, there's alot of my friends in NYP.

i wish i can bump into them, but i dont wanna bump into them. its kinda ironic and i dont know how to explain this. well, u go figure it out yourself.

BOO! im hungry, should i have my lunch before i leave home? or should i have my lunch after i leave home?
I badly need a mp3 la.... or at least,

PASS ME THE DA VINCI CODE. joa oh joa...

books. quickly.please.boredom.


my mom "why u drink so much milk everyday?"
me "why u drink so much coffee everyday?"


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