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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

School was good in the past 2 days. Lessons ended earlier den the allocated time ( cause the tutors had no idea wad to teach also)...

Classmates werent all THAT bad... lol

But i love every moment of school now. During stats tutorial, we had to learn summation. ALL OF A SUDDEN, i felt SMART. cause i learned it in JC? AHAHAHAHA

and den we had marketing tutorial where we were given the taglines and we're supposed to guess which company iszit. And i could get most of them right. But im not too proud of this... cause this only shows I WATCH TOO MUCH TeeVee!!!

Accounting is gonna be fun and easy(i hope) since ive learned it back in sec school and did pretty well for this subject. *Grins

im really starting to love school. at least more den i love JC? ahahahhahhahaha

oh and the recent big hoohaa about the JC guy who commented about Poly students in Maple Story. DAMN, not that i wanna say, but he has put JC students to shame. Since i was an ex-JCian, i felt partially shameful. LOL

WADEVER MADE HIM SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT? i guess, its all about the upbringing and ur background. I always believe that people from chinese education background are more humble and less arrogant. I still stick to it. But this doesnt mean that im condeming people that's english educated.

I've walked the path of a JC student and now ive had a change of route. Tertiary study levels cannot be compared cause its all in all a very different educational method and approach. It's very much up to individual to see which kind of approach suits you more and not how intelligent you are.

I'm not saying im a fucking smart student. But hey, im not that bad a student. At least i scored a 13 points for my L1R5. Then again, its not a grade that im VERY proud of anyway. It's not like im some fucking 6 point scorer. At least im in the middle range.

But still, doing well academically doesnt reflect on your intelligence. And i believe many would agree cause there are many other factors that contributes to good results other den intelligence.
Whatever is making our kids now so narrow-minded and short-sighted. Why can they not see the big picture?
Why do they act like *ahem* idiots?

AHAHAHHA, just kidding.
Enough of ramblings. I need to start doing my tutorials. (oh yes, im hardworking. LOL.)
jk. when was i ever a hardworking student. I was afterall a pon school queen. =)


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