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Monday, April 10, 2006


was a complete letdown.

First and foremost, out of the 18 finalist. i found 15 of them to be UGLY. not just ugly but perpentually "HOW THE FUCK THEY GOT INTO THE FINALS?"

Before i continue rambling about the show. I'd let you know which are the 3 which i thought werent U-G-L-Y.

1. Genecia Luo
2.Jade Seah
3.Ssunita Rai

if you wan to see how the finalists look like, kindly proceed to

Like i was saying. The rest of them is ugly. The first segment of the day was none other den the swimsuit bikini competition.

The second "OH-MY-GOD" of the entire show, wasnt how imperfect their bodies were, but how TERRIBLE their catwalk is.
It's after all a beauty pageant for god's sake.
How can u go up the stage and just SWAY and walk like how you normally walk. No offence, but most of them really didnt do it well. After all, im pretty sure they were given proper teaching on how to do a catwalk.
I dont remember models swaying their head as they walk, no matter how happy they are. I dont remember models who walk like they are so lazy to walk properly. I dont remember models who sway their hands as though they are trying to kill some flies.

I know, i know. They are not models. BUT STILL. its a bloody CATWALK. so do a proper catwalk. I pity the tutors. Cause their students have failed terribly. And i wasnt the only one who thought so.

Look at the marks they were given. Most of them were only slightly above 7. Only a handful(mainly my favourites) score close to 8 or above 8.

It was soon followed by the evening gown segment where the girls were accompanied by their moms. HOW HILARIOUS. like wad miss tofu had said, its a short 10 seconds of fame for their mothers.

There was then this performance by 2 members of Parking Lot Pimp singing Glitter(i think that is the title la)... And the girls were background "dancers". POSERS id say. Cause they were posing in a ridiculously funny manner where they move in tune with the beats. HILARIOUS!
i nearly choked on my saliva.

Down to the final 10. Q&A segment.
GOD!!! i bore in mind that the girls were getting uglier year by year cause now, the producers are emphasising on BEAUTY AND BRAINS rather den a pretty face.

with such answers coming out from the top 10 finalist. MY OH MY. Are they sure that is the kinda girls that they wanna send for an international pageant.
BIMBOS! pardon me, but its just bimbotic.
They gave stupid answers.

It's pressurizing to stand on stage with so many audiences looking at you and waiting for your answer. But still, wont it be more important for you to keep focus and produce the best and most logical ANSWER(to the question) and win the pageant(isnt that why u join in the 1st place).

*roll eyes.

For eg, there was this question posed by Simon Webb(ex member of BLUE) to this finalist asking "if she was to pick a song, wad would it be and why"
and guess wad was her answer?
"id choose "dont cha by pussycat dolls. Because they're hot blah blah blah.... And cause it reflects my personality. Thank you"

(take note that its just a rough idea. i cant remember wad they said in details.)


*cries in disappointment.

Final cutdown. Top 5.
Again, Q&A section but this time, the girls were all given the same question to answer.

"Do you think that local men is less attractive than that of foreign man"
(again, i cant remember the question and answers in details.)

3/5 girls gave very satisfying answers. HOWEVER, to my utmost horror, my favourite girl SSUNITA gave a total unrelated answer.

Her answer was somewhat like "all her ex-boyfriends were singaporean, and that they're cute blah blah blah... and that most importantly, she loved them all"

OMG. please just let me die.

And im sure you were pretty interested in knowing the winners.

Miss Singapore Universe 2006 goes to


1st runner up : miss jade seah
she's also the winner of miss photogenic.

2nd runner up : miss genecia luo.

There you go. Im so upset. Dont talk to me....


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