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Sunday, April 09, 2006

I've decided to be a good girl and... No, i didnt clean up my room. I updated my side bar... WAHAHAHAHHAHA

updated my links. Some of my friends had moved their blog and didnt update me so i removed the link. Some of my them needed the privacy thus i had removed their links... So if your link is no longer here and you want me to link you, drop me a message.

And if your link is here, but u dont want me to link you, drop me a message too. =)

Got pretty hungry in the afternoon and went to the kitchen to cook maggi mee.
Whipped out a pot and filled it with water.

Firstly, when im in the mood to cook, i cook my maggi mee using a pot. And i add tonnes of yummylicious ingredients instead of cooking it using the "cup-noodle" method where you add boiling water to the mee and soup base and leave it for 3-5 mins.

My maggi mee took 15 mins or so. =) With minced meat, hotdogs and eggs.
And i finished till the very last drop of it. HAHAHAHAHA

so while i was cooking, my sister was telling me that she had signed up a membership with the gay California Fitness Club.
FWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. and she even asked me to join her in her quest to lose weight.
She proceeded on to saying its affordable at only $67/month.

First and foremost, let me state why she will NOT suceed in her quest.
1. SHE IS LAZY. if she can be so lazy to ask us to help her fetch her stuffs from the kitchen to the living room. So lazy to not even help out with the slighest household chores. So lazy to sometimes leave us to take care of her daughter while she lies on the couch and watch her TV program.
I cannot imagine her, working her body out at the fitness centre.

2. SHE IS A BLOODY LIAR. so meaning that her signing up the membership wont be true?

3. SHE HAS A SHORT ATTENTION SPAN. over the many years ive heard her talking about losing weight. Within days, she loses her interest in doing so. Or perhaps, loses her willpower in doing so. Thus, she might be visiting the club on daily basis for the first week, thrice a week in the following week, once a week in the following month and den, she stop visiting it.
How does that sound?

4. SHE EATS SO MUCH. seriously, if you think i eat a lot (which i do at times), then i think she's an elephant. She eats twice or thrice my intake of food. When i mean my intake, i mean during my hungriest period where i can eat almost 2.5 full meals as one meal. That's the most ive ever consumed. BUT. she eats much more than that.
On daily basis, she can have her dinner, and den find some desserts to eat 5 mins after her dinner, and then she'd try to find some solid food to eat 10 mins after the dessert. And then she'd find some munchies to eat as she watch her tv program. And den half an hour later, she'd be searching the fridge for more food to eat.
My oh my. TERRIBLE terrible...

Go on and say wad a bad sister i am. Seriously, i dont give a damn. I'd be happy if she does lose some weight. At least when she takes my clothes and wear, they wont expand till i can no longer wear them.
Imagine she being a XXXL size woman trying to fit into a XL size top.
That's like ME trying to wear Joa's clothes!!!

alright. and im off to play my golf game.

join me if you have the time. =)

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