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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

its been pretty boring for me to stay at home and do nothing.

im even too lazy to get out of the house to buy food for myself.
my oh my...

this slackation is a lil too much for me to handle.
i wanted a break from work.
now i got it, im complaining how BORING it is...

i wake up everyday, stare at my handphone and wonder.
"what shall i do today"

and it all boils down to the same thing.

ive watch mean girls on my com SO MANY TIMES that im becoming mean and plastic.
ive watch animal planet's shows so many times, i think im turning into an orang utan...
ive slept so much, im turning into a sloth.

how to tahan this for another 2 more weeks!!!!
thank god ive orientation on the 12 and 13 april.

and school's on the 17th.

YIPPEE... i miss school... so for now... i need
1. a new notebook.
2. a new schoolbag.
3. new stationaries.
4. more clothes.
5. more shoes.

my oh my... I love schoolllll~~~

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