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Thursday, April 20, 2006

It's an addiction.

As known by some, ive been shopping(no, not at orchard road)... but at the comfort of my own home...
Through the WorldWideWeb... i have been surfing and browsing... and yes shopping too...

By far, i have bought 2 skirts and 3 tops...
And im currently waiting for the delivery and they will arrive SOON. in the next week or so. =)

And now, there's nothing left for me to browse around. Im so free that i checkup on the sites like every few hours everyday...
They are not stocking up fast enough to feed my hunger.

AND SO, now my attention moved from CLOTHES to
my ever favourite MAKEUP.

I so wanna own the entire collection of M.A.C's soft sparkle pencils... Take a look over here ...
I wanna get all 5 of time. Wanted to order it from the website itself... BUT HOR, they only ship to US and canada.

I'd have to drop by TANGS really soon. And did i mention its a limited edition.


I'm more into eye pencils den eye shadows because im too lazy to apply eyeshadows nowadays...
LOL yes yes im lazy.. to even beautify myself. =/

And then i went to start looking at mascaras( i currently own about 5 different mascaras)... and then i saw this really funny description.

"Fibre-rich. Good for you. Keeps lashes fit. Makes them strong, fat, well-defined. Adds muscle to short and fine lashes blah blah blah....Add it to your lashes' diet!"

the very thought of
STRONG, FAT, WELL-DEFINED only reminds me of


Okay, im not attracted by fat strong lashes... Im more interested in THIS ...
I have a thing for dramatic looking lashes. Unless i finally decided to purchase some fake lashes, id have to use mascaras like that.

OH btw, i have naturally long and curly lashes... i just like to play around with eye makeup. =)

And then i saw LIPGLOSSES!!!
okok that can hold, cause i have intention of getting the entire collecion of Missha's lipgloss first.
They have really cheap and nice glosses. Not too sticky(for me) and it has a nice smell. =) And its only errr $8.90 har??

So glosses can wait.

BUT I DESPERATELY NEED a concealer. and i heard that Bobbi Brown's creamy concealer is GOOD.

so check it out.

I will have to head down to centrepoint soon to lay my hands on it. =)

studies + work = lesser sleep = fatigue = dark eye cirles & more serious eyebags.
which means
A GOOD COVERAGE CONCEALER. i might get back the MAC studio stick if i dont like the texture of the bobbi-brown's one.

and ive yet to get my new bag and pumps.

Suddenly, even before my money comes in, i already feel broke. DOWNRIGHT BROKE.

GOD. women are such vain creatures.

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