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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

i think ive been sleeping too much on a daily basis.

i do nothing everyday other den sleeping.
i have no after-school activities and so i head home...

got nothing to do
and so i sleep...

i wake up for dinner... watch some tv and den i sleep somemore..

my mom's getting me a new pillow SOON(she said next month which is in a few days) cause of my constant grumbling and "stealing" of my dad's pillow...

my pillow's lacking support u see. its too soft now and thus it can no longer the support the weight of my big heavy round head that holds my heavy humungous gigantic big brain. LOL

So i need a new pillow. and a new blanket too. And new glasses. and everything new. LOL

i just have to wait for may to arrive. =)

My mom said our trip back to chiang mai might be cancelled partly cause in the month of june, the weather's pretty hot. And my niece is not even 1 year old by then...So... we'd see how it goes...
of cuz id love to go back la... HOLIDAY LEH!!! den can go shopping somemore...

I'm becoming obsessed with doing my accounts right now. I went ahead and did my 6 lecture illustrations and started on my tutorial when the lecture is only bound to take place this coming friday.

Accounts accounts accounts accounts accounts...

My toe nails are taking turns to rot and then drop off. Okay that sounds utterly gross. Let me rephrase it.
My toes are taking turns to re-grow.
The previous time, it was my lil toe on my right feet.
now it has spreaded to the middle and lil toe on my left feet AND the big toe on my right feet.

I know we all undergo a process where we'd shed all our milk teeth and grow adult teeth. But do we shed "baby" toenails and then grow new ones???

Nails are so fascinating...

IM FINISHING DA VINCI. one more day. Id finish it by friday. I PROMISE. and i MIGHT post some spoilers...

O Draconian Devil!
Oh lame Saint!

Go figure it out. =)

not much to update. nothing interesting to update. unless u wanna hear about wad i do in school (yawns)...where and wad i ate in school (Yawns)... or perhaps wad i learnt in school (YAWNS)...

*skippdy skip
i shall sleep now. =)


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