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Saturday, April 01, 2006

i realised, i've been FAR FAR FAR too lazy to upload pics and slowly update about the happening things...

A couple of events i haven't updated
- my belated bday gathering
- Johan's bday

and friday(31st march) night's out.

TODAY IS APRIL's FOOL. so remember to find somebody to fool ah. Oh and im not working and im contemplating(but very high chance) i will not turn up for training. I hope neither william nor fadlee sees this.

Then again, i dont think they got my blog address la. Unless they link link link... link here link there link link link den link to OBSTINATED-ROMANCER.BLOGSPOT.COM...

its not my blog address is
Or wadever shitty stupid names u can think of...

anyway work was pretty slack(friday). Most probably due to the heavy rain which only subsided at about 830?

And did i mentioned that 2 of the new female colleagues actually didnt turn up AKA "no-show"(indochine saying).

Perhaps they couldnt take it. I can understand if new colleagues cannot tahan and wanna quit. But i cannot understand why would they choose to just simply not turn up.
Because(here the naggy sharmain goes again) :

1. its very irresponsible. Whether or not u like the job. If the schedule is up and ur name is down. Dont u think that u have the responsibility of turning up for work? Even if you have any last minute emergencies, it would be very polite and also required of you to call up and notify the person(s) in charge.
No matter how major or minor or how insignificant(you think la) you are to the company, upon accepting the job, there is a certain commitment that you have to fulfill. It's just VERY irresponsible. and i do mean VERY. i hold NO(little) respect for such people. It's simply running away.

2. you are at the losing end. If you dont turn up, the managers (i believe) have the right to not issue you your pay. Have you ever heard of people getting paid compensation pay when they RESIGN? i'm afraid not. Besides, since you choose to not turn up. We can choose to take it that this person has vanish from the surface of this earth and thus the salary shall be forfeited. Am i right to say so?
Or lets take it as, you decided to turn up for ur next working day(so that u actually didnt go missing, but u just have some stupid excuse for not showing up). You will still get your salary. BUT you wont get away with not showing up at work. You will get screwed/tekan/scolded/lectured/fucked by the management, wont you?

So why do people actually choose to NOT SHOW UP. at least i think people who call up and give some stupid excuse is MUCH better den just doing a disappearing act. At least they had the courtesy and respect for the management by calling up and notifying the in-charge(s).

And i dont fucking care if any of my colleagues(who always no-show at work) reads this. CAUSE. its all true wad. And i believe that those who reads it will have to agree with me somehow.
Think about it, what kind of image would u potray when u decide to simply dont turn up for work and not inform anybody about it.

It reflects BADLY. VERY VERY badly on your attitude.

and yes, i am VERY proud to say that i have NEVER ONCE not show up at work without informing the managers. =)

Here comes sunday before its time for my major baking(s).

=) smile, you're on candid camera.

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