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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Here i am sitting on my comfy chair, typing out this blog entry...
eating the nice Ipoh HorFun that i bought from the newly renovated kopitiam..omg, i just bit something cripsy. EWW ITS GINGER... that aside... and sipping on a cup of hot pippin coffee.

surfing the net and reading blogs.

Birthday celebration.. birthday... Birthday...BIRTHDAY.. MORE BIRTHDAYS!!

why are there so many april babies? I mean
do u realised that there is actually ALOT of march and april babies. I myself is born in the month of march. And i believe, you too would agree with me that there is ALOT, and i do mean A WHOLE FUCKING LOT of march and april babies....

Can somebody tell me why is these 2 months the hot period for babies. OKOK, i know they cant control when the baby is gonna pop out..SO lets see...

If their baby is due somewhat in March/April... And each pregnancy period is of 9 months...

*starts counting....


hmm... why? do people sufffer from extremely high sex drive during this 2 months period.
Is it because.. june and july is the hottest(in term of weather) months out of the 12 months...
so people will tend to sleep naked...
and then they end up having sex?
and thus babies are produced?

okok i know im uttering nonsense. im bored alright.

Back to work at indochine. Working schedule will be saturday and sunday for this week.
For the upcoming weeks, i will most probably be working every fri/sat and sun.

Actually, i dont know why am i working. HEH.
im not short of cash. ( no doubt i dont mind having extra cash)
i dont have SOOOOOO much free time that i have nothing to do everyday and thus working is my only way to kill time.
i still have school u know?

alot's been going on at indochine ever since i started on my 1mth work break. ALOT.
guess, its not exactly the right time for me to leave.
i remembered sticking to CAN cafe for ONE YEAR before i finally left that awful awful place...

i wont be surprised if the same happens to indochine. =(

and i have tutorials to complete. i miss doing homework.
my handwritting is U-G-L-Y.

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