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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Finally bought a new wallet over the weekends. A simple plain greyish black one. =)

A quick summary of the past week before i start posting pictures.

Watched ICE-AGE 2 : the meltdown with hans on monday. Had a filling dinner which resulted in me napping in his car while he takes the loonnng route to send me home.
Instead of taking the expressway, he went via Bukit Timah Road den to woodlands road... SO LONG LA... i think it took half an hour. LOL

Rot my tues away at home with absolutely NOTHING to do. I wasn't even in the mood to bake. I just slept and ate, and watch tv and sleep somemore...

Headed down to Indochine on wednesday night to collect my slipper and to pass something to my colleagues. Went to Lau Pat Sat to help to buy SATAY for the colleagues as supper. Stoned around at the restaurant and disturbing my colleagues as they do their usual closing.
It's great to just sit there and not do anything. =)

Stole a couple of sticks of satay for supper. YUM YUM.
Head over to cineleisure at about 145 to catch a midnight movie.
errrr... it's not THAT bad... but its not a movie worth watching at the theatres. A better alternative would be to buy the DVD and den stay home and watch it with ur friends/family.

Went shopping on thursday to get my wallet. HOORAY! now i dont have to carry the annoying coin pounch wherever i go now. LOL
Had the famous Hokkien Mee at Food Republic over at wisma. If you haven't tried it, den u should. Cause personally, i think its REALLY NICE?
And there's ALWAYS a long queue for it... I remembered once, i waited for almost 30 mins before i get to tuck in.

So do go there and try it okay!!! =) its worth the wait? LOL

Headed to suntec from orchard cause they didnt have the stock anymore. Laid my hands on the wallet, walked a lil and sat down for some coffee at starbucks.
Drank and slacked a lil and den headed down to crazy elephant for some drinks. Live Band was playing Blues and Jazz that night. What a good way to de-stress. Didnt drink much cause i wasn't in the alcohol mood.

After much persuassion, headed over to Geylang Lor 9 for the BEEF KWAY TEOW, or iszit hor fun. Wadever it is, i think u all know la hor... LOL
Their signboard reads : GEYLANG LOR 9 FAMOUS BEEF KWAY TEOW. ( or something similar)...
I guess, they're afraid people cannot recognise them.

Sat and slacked somemore. I love good food. =) im so gonna put on weight.

More shopping on Friday as Joa needed to get her pumps. Ate a whole damn lot too. Mushroom swiss double meal followed by Taiwan's snacks : XXL chicken followed by New Zealand's Natural ice cream. DAMN.

Im so gonna put on weight... *cries...
and now, pictures... =)

Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

i know i look tired. Havent slept well for days.

Image hosting by Photobucket

i was REALLY doing something to my shirt at that time.

and we walked over to Hereen.
Hop into Print Club and started posing with their backdrops at the neoprint machines. =)
wad a very good way to save money. HAHAHA

Image hosting by Photobucket
somehow, my legs look skinnier in the picture... HAHAHAH!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
posing with the fanciful backdrops..

and a final picture to sum up the day. courtesy of miss tofu. =)

Image hosting by Photobucket

Anyway, was at Taka buying Do(ugh)nuts... I've been having this craving for a loooooong time... Why cant Dunkin' Donuts set up a franchise outlet here in singapore? WHY NOT.
I'd be a regular patron. I PROMISE. i so wanna eat the tasty donuts that u cant find in singapore.
Thus i had to make do with donuts from that lil stall at Taka. Besides the Ice-cream stall at the Basement 1?? I seriously cannot remember the name.

And i bought THESE...

Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
The very first donut is the double chocolate. The donut dough itself has chocolate that's why its double chocolate. The taste is okay. However, the dough itself taste pretty flour`ish. It's not so moist and its pretty dry.

The second one looks like your normal sugar-icing donut but its actually cinnamon powder. Im a cinnamon lover but this donut, its pretty bad for me. I didnt like the taste of it plus the dough tasted flour`ish, like the double chocolate.

The 3rd and last one. The one with the smiley face is the best of all 3. In fact, its my favourite donut from that stall. On the inside is custard cream and the surface is white chocolate. Weird combination but it works for me. i bought 3 pieces of this!!!

It's about $1.30 each for the donuts.

Guess, normal sugar icing donuts from ur neighbourhood bakery makes better donuts huh?

Okay. enough of food.

On to something else. DAMN, this is a pretty long entry. And im getting my finger cramps from the typing.

I was reading some articles online when i came across this.

"Dimples are caused when ur skin sticks to your muscle tissues"

now i cant help but look at dimples from another aspect.

Eewwww you say?
yes. EWWWWWW...

alrights. and im off now. Do let me know if the dimples thingy is true or false. =)

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