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Sunday, April 16, 2006

AYE... i need a new BAG and PENCIL CASE LA... omg my pencil case is like SOO dirty...

Anyway school's tomorrow. One thing that's not making me look forward is my geek`ish classmates. I hope none is reading this. LOL

I hope they'll turn out to be fun and easy to get along and really crazy people... PLEASE dont be GOODY-2-SHOES... or i'd have no people to skip lessons with me!! LOL

Havent done the money transfer for a couple of my online items.. BOO BOO im such a lazy bum...

oh and by the way... im not getting my nose pierced again. Cause joa said it wasnt that nice... ITS NOT MEH??
aiya... but its pretty troublesome having to take care of it anyway..

I need to do some shopping real soon. May is approaching.. and im not working so im broke...
*pulls hair...


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