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Saturday, April 22, 2006

AND SO... i finally went to down after whinning and whinning about it.

Met up with immelia at orchard. Walked around aimlessly and headed over to cine soon after.

Saw this guy with a really cute back view... Imms soon found out that he is the singapore's version of harry potter. DAMN!! i didnt get to see his face.

Saw the bag at cine which i had initially wanted and i finally decided i shall get the one i saw at hereen. cause, imms told me i should get one where the strap is different otherwise, the same problem might re-surface. =)

Was forced to make a choice between taking neoprints or eating chocolate fondue with the girl. Of cuz i chose the latter. Food is always good. =)

And this clumsy girl accidentally dropped one drop of chocolate onto her white top. =S
And we had to leave our seats and head to the toilet to get her top washed.

Roamed around cine a little more and i ended up buying fake lashes. Well, not like i need them. its all in the name of fun!!!

Went over to hereen for a lil walk and to take a final look at the bag i was gonna buy. and nope, i still haven buy it... LOL cause im kinda lazy to carry a big bag around when im already carrying one. Furthermore, my bag's bloody heavy and im carrying a jacket...

Im lazy. WADEVER.

Met up with M soon after to catch up a little. Ate CHEEKEN RICE at the well known chicken rice stall at Far east plaza. YES we walked from somerset to far east... then again, its not something new... LOL

walk walk walk... entered kinokuniya and i bought 2 new notebooks for school. ITS SO PRETTY...sat around and waited for time to pass by so that we can head back to cine for our movie which starts at 950.

the movie was not worth the bucks. We watched BLACK WATER. its actually a combination of 3 short stories in which all 3 took place in different countries. Mainly HK, Thailand and Japan. =)

I should have insisted on watching KEEPING MUM. Horror movies are never and will never be my cup of coffee...
Cabbed home. IM SO TIRED but here i am blogging.. AND HOR!! the MAC outlet at TAKA dont have the soft sparkle edition leh... i forgot to check out the TANGS outlet... and i forgot to try the BB's concealer. forgetful old sharmain.

Anyway, gotta do a lil reading up over the weekends but damn im working. Guess id have to do it on the weekdays then...

oh and i gotta check my ez-link thingy... hmm hmm
tired. adios!

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