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Saturday, April 15, 2006


i think my comment box is temperamental.
People can comment, but me myself cannot comment...

Anyway to Mr/Ms X that commented : You meant my blog entries right?Thanks for letting me know, id check into it...

So everybody, please kindly use the tagboard if you have messages to tell me. I think my comment box is HIGHLY unreliable... Friends did tell me they posted comments again and again but it never got published. LOL

Went back to work last night. Just for a day, cause there's not enough staffs. So being the miss nice, i agreed and headed down at 6.

Work was pretty fine on the whole. Cause i was posted to work indoors and indoors didnt turn up to be that busy. Was made to take care of the long table for 15 pax cause i was the most senior out of the 3 indoor staffs.

GOSH, the guests were PICKY and FUSSY. DAMN IT.... before i go ranting on about how fussy and how difficult it is to please these guests, bear it mind that I AM NOT RACIST!!!
it just happened that these guests were indians.

According to what the manager had told us, some of these guests were pretty famous in Bollywood during the 70s and 80s. But hey, i wasnt even born yet? Maybe i should ask my dad.

SO here goes,
seating the guests were pretty much fine because they didnt order water from us. So it was tap water for everybody. However, their drinks order was a HEADACHE.

I dont know about you, but personally, ive never heard of this :

if you do, good for me, cause i've never la...
and then there was
baileys + kahlua OTR

and then there was
Black Labels neat. with the ice and water all placed separately.

I headed over to the bar chanting away about the cappucino vodka martini... The bar people said, they dont serve it... so okays im back to the guest to ask for another drink...

THANK GOD the guest wasnt all that hard to please, he merely let me in on the concoction of the drink and made me walk all the way to the bar to ask them to specially make it for him. =)

Well, i meant that in a good manner mind you. At least he didnt make a big fuss out of it nor scream at me... Im pretty glad that he talked to me nicely...

Starters was served... blah blah blah... nothing much....

Main courses were served. DAMN. this side of the table is vegetarian... That side of the table is carnivorous.. The absolutely funny thing was. After all the food had landed on the table, and they are all ready to tuck in, they didnt wanna tuck in. They waited for about 2-5 mins, before calling me for service.

And then asking me to serve the food to the individuals. And i had to do that twice, for both sides of the tables??
What i found was funny was, why cant they ask me serve the food individually BEFORE the food lands on the table. Now i have to stretch in such an awkward manner to reach for the dishes on the table to serve individually.

REMEMBER, i was the only person attending to the entire table. =(

Taking their desert order was one hell of a time.

"One banana fritter. But the ice-cream put separately, put it into another small bowl."

"I want one vanilla ice-cream with hot choc syrup. IF dont have hot choc syrup then i dont want"

"I want one choc fudge torte, add one choc ice-cream on the side, and add fresh strawberries"

This person will be sharing this desert with that person blah blah blah....

OH GOD! SAVE ME!!!!.....

And after the desert order was taken, 3 of their friends turned up. OMG... and they WANT TO EAT!!!

so i had to do the table setting for them and take their orders.
So blah blah blah...
"OH and can u give me one small bowl of broccoli at the side. ONE small bowl will be enough..."

I cant say NO right.

They arent exactly the hardest-to-please guests. Im glad that there was no complains. THANK GOD!!! they've been really nice people by the way... =)

Well, guess work is not always so fun. =)

And now, i gotta start preparing for my date. DAMN im bushed....

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