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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


and im back.
from the songka/wake/funeral etc.
spent 4 days over at my grandma's place cause my mother said we cannot go home(she b0odY i4R) ahahahahaha....

so for 3 nights i slept on the floor. yes u saw it right FLOOR. cause im the older grand-kids. so i must give in to the younger ones and the older ones and thus i have to sleep on the floor. SO PATHETIC U KNOW.

now im home, i'd allocate myself 15mins of "bed-rolling" time to enjoy and treasure my bed. =)

i know i dont even sound like im mourning. Then again, if my grandpa's departure from this world is equivalent to excessive griefing, then i reckon its utter madness.
It's a relief for him to leave.
In case you are wondering what's his cause of death, its old age.

He's 89 years old.
His body has broken down. The organs are not working. He cannot move nor talk nor breathe by himself.
Finally, after much persuasion from the family, he left us.

The songka/wake wasn't that depressing ( like wad u see on TV)...
We played mahjong every night, walk to serangoon central go jalan jalan.
Went upstairs to watch TV. Played XBOX.

i didnt surf the net cause i was too lazy.

special thanks to those that remembered my birthday and made the effort to wish me.

Thank You SO MUCH.
my heartfelt thanks to joa and ying who came down on the very 1st day of the wake. Qi is pardoned cause she just landed. AHAHAHAHA

But still, to everybody who sent their well-wishes and condolences and is reading this. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH.

And now, its BACK TO WORK and everyday life.

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