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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


1. Mp3 Player. No special preference as long as its not iRiver can liao. Creative, iPod, Sony, Samsung. Im fine with all. My only main concern is the storage space. =) but if its a gift. I cant complain much. =) 1GB i also happy liao. AHAHAHAHAHA

2. Wallet. Main concern is coin compartment and color. I only want BLACK color. easier to match also.

3. Perfume. Hugo Boss woman or Pure Purple by HUGO BOSS.

4. G-MASK for my VS6.

5. Vouchers. All sorts of vouchers from my favourite brands are welcome. Shoes(VNC). Clothes(dorothy perks, topshop blah blah blah). Makeup(M.A.C, Dior etc) Major Departmental stores(TANGS, Robinsons etc...)

6. BAGS. clutch bag, tote bags, handbags. ALL ARE WELCOME.

7. $$$. cold hard cash is also appreciated in the form of red packets. u wanna transfer it into my bank account also can.

8. BIRTHDAY BASH. or u can organise a surprise bday bash for me too. =)

That's all for now. HURRY up and faster decide wad will u be getting for ME!! 10 more days to my BIRTHDAY!!

ps : please dont act smart and get me something that i HAVENT strike off from my wishlist because i havent been updating my wishlist. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

or u can simply hang out with me and see wad are the things im drooling over right now. =)

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