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Friday, March 31, 2006

i know this is ridiculous but owells, since my supervisor ain't here. miss tang is crazy over make up. she wants to buy up the entire missha's lipgloss collection!

i miss youu la.
i want to go shopping for pumps before i totally ruin miss loh's.
i want to go eat good food and ice cream, even though i'm totally broke.
i need to empty my recycle bin, you know!

miss tang miss tang, my purple bundle of lovveee. *sings along.

eh eh! woman! you still rmbr one very fine day at mos burger we set a date for our special day or something. its coming right!? what're we going to do!? i'm so going to take mc next week! i wanna go out and play until midnight. thats if i'm not going for work.

i don't know what else to blog alr la.

loves miss tang.

p.s: this is the insane orange nonsensical 'lil one

p.s p.s: yes, i love bread too. *crazy laughters.

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