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Monday, March 06, 2006


=) yes mi pampering myself for my upcoming 19th birthday by giving myself a NEW HAIR COLOR!!!
nothing drastic.

Met up with Joa to head to Yishun to get our hair done. Boy was the salon crowded. But we were entertained pretty much soon after. =)

Nothing much 'cept i decided to take a picture. This is how wad they do when they bleach your hair.

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Your hair(to be bleached hair) is wrapped in aluminium foil and den they put this "egg-like" BLOWER over ur head and blows it.

So after lets say 15mins or so (depending on the lightness of the color), your hair is BLEACHED!!! yay?

my hair was done pretty quickly with both the base color and highlights. They were trying REALLY HARD to get me to do their hair treatment which i kept turning down.
They managed to psycho`ed Joa into getting the hair treatment though.

before i continue, here is some facts nad you-should-know about sharmain's hair.
2. I HAVE NEVER DONE REBONDING. i just mentioned in the above statement that my hair is naturally straight.
3. My hair has self-recuperating effects. After coloring it, it will only remain dry for 1-2 DAYS. after which, it will be soft and silky AGAIN. WITHOUT THE HELP OF ANY TREATMENTS.
4. I DONT use hair conditioner on my hair. That's how good my hair is.
5. i DONT(unless circumstances force me to) blow-dry my hair.
6. My hair grows VERY SLOWLY.
7. I DONT go for any hair treatment. No protein treatment, steam treatment or even home-spa hair treatment or wadever sort.

THERE U GO. a couple of things to know about my hair. =)

okay so i left the place in a hurry(pretend pretend) cause i told them im meeting another friend and i have no time to do the stupid treatment. AND YES, leaving joa to sit there alone to do the treatment.

So while waiting for her, i got REALLY BORED. =)

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My base color is dark brown. almost like my previous hair color. But this time i added highlights. =)
it looks nicer in real. SERIOUSLY. =)

Had our lunch and den its back to joa house's for some MOVIES.
shrek 2 was ridiculously ridiculous. Thank god i didnt watch it in the theatres.

Took a lil nap after the movie. Woke up and headed to SunPlaza for CAKES. *YUMMY

i love cakes. Poor girl is still searching for a nice, good and cheap phone.
Now im reading ANGELS AND DEMONS. from the author of DA VINCI CODE. hey, i wanna read da vinci code also la....

Anyway, more pictures of me after i reached home.
I cant help it if im a victim of the camera. =/

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Image hosting by Photobucket
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That's all for now. MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 5 DAYS!!!
i shall end off with a pretty picture of me. (hans i dont care if u think its ugly.)

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ps : im so in love with my new hair color.

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