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Thursday, March 30, 2006

do i really look so trouble-less.
do i look as if ive no issues that bothers me
do i really potray myself as such an optimist, so much so that people thinks that i dont have any problems?

has it ever occurred that

it might just be my method of running away and not facing my problems?

every single being has their own issues to resolve and their own problems. everybody is looking for answers and solutions.

is this a mask that im wearing.
or am i building a wall around myself. an invisible wall that is slowly showing its form to whom was originally blind.

or is it just my inability to face my troubles.
my insecurity that brings me further and further away from the surface of reality.

why are we such complicated matters.
make me something simpler.
change me into something i can comprehend.

life is a facade.

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