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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

VALENTINE'S DAY was absolutely BORING and pathetic.

Woke up and headed down to MOE building to get my paperwork done and den home.
Rec my 2nd bouquet of roses (look at previous entry) and slacked around at home before heading down to town.

OH YES, its fucking pathetic when u are surrounded by COUPLES and u happened to be ALONE.
went to cine to collect the movie tickets that i booked online and headed down to imms home to crash.

A sappy movie on a vday for us 2 pathetic girls with no dates. =(

Chatted, gossiped... the normal things that girls would do. Left shortly after to head back to town to meet up with my friend.
We're catching a midnight movie u see. =)

I waited for an hour before my friend FINALLY TURNED UP. boy, do i hate waiting.
thank god i had imms on the phone with me.

Got a lil pissed off and felt utterly shitty cause orchard was STILL FILLED WITH an immense amount of couples and each time they walk past me, they give me the "HEY,she's standing there ALONE.(how pathetic)." kinda look.

IT SUCKS, seriously.

Supper at kopitiam before heading to our movie.
CASANOVA. it wasn't all that bad. Not too draggy nor story-telling`ish.

Stayed out and just only reached home. WORK later.
My complexion is turning from bad to worse to worst.

and im really tired. Time for a lil nap. =)

OH the posting results will be out on 10 MARCH. WAD THE HELL!!
1 day before my BIRTHDAY. omg omg omg
and yes im indirectly reminding you people that my birthday is less than a month away.


time to start thinking of wad to buy for me.
In the meantime, i'd start drawing up a "what-to-get-for-sharmain's-birthday" list soon. =)

Oh, and to the guys who sent me the flowers. THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO MUCH.
i really appreciated it.
I guess, vday wasnt all that bad after all. =S

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