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Monday, February 20, 2006

tired. Damn. I hate it when im so bloody tired and i gotta work so much.

The last time i remember, Sunday was known to be quiet and slack.Right now, its so busy. For almost a month, sunday(s) have been the silent killer.

Not just that, i had to work with a newcomer from Club Street. She's been with indochine for 3 mths but i guess she's just not familiar with indochine WATERFRONT. she's been of great help too. And thank god the 2 of us only needed to handle 3 groups of people.

Was extremely tired. Station kenna slammed again and i had to slog like mad. Couldnt help but give William the super duper black face but it was due to fatigue. 4 hours of sleep is DEFINITELY not enough. =(

Thank God there weren't any hard-to-please guests.
cheers to that.

Closing was pretty early. Sat around and talked for wad seems like ages before the transport finally came. Wasnt in the best of mood to head home. But couldnt find anybody nor any place for me to head out to. It's a bloody sunday after all. Everyone's home and asleep.

Got nagged at for getting the watch. Will post a pic of it up soon.
In the meantime. Just one picture since i havent been uploading pictures. =)

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Stole this pic from Johan's blog ... was helping him and aisyah to fold stars. Oh yes, that is my uniform. LOL It's becoming big and baggy nowadays. LOL

A couple of things u can see from the above pic :
Number 1, i put too much blusher.
Number 2, i didnt pin up my fringe.
Number 3, half of Jeffrey's body is in the background.
Number 4, im folding a purple coloured star.

(fuck. photobucket is lagging badly RIGHT NOW)
(wait. its my connection that is sucky right now. oh terrific)

Guess that's all for now.
oh my toe nail is dropping out. EWWWW

wrap your arms around me
and tell me im yours to keep

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