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Monday, February 13, 2006

thought i should squeeze in a proper entry on how mundane my life is. =)

friday was good. hey, i thought i already updated about friday's events.
okay i just remembered, i missed out the pics.
BUT I cant be bothered to upload la hor...
if you wanna see my pictures right, u can go to my sidebar, click on "MY friendster"... and u can happily view the 50 pictures.

I painted my nails vampire red, but it looks like de-colored black. WHY ARH?

Anyway, work has been picking up. Better sales but not like its any of my concern. Im not gonna get a pay rise (unless the horoscope really so zhun la). Im not one of the managers or supervisors, i wont get any bonuses even if sales go up.

Furthermore, i haven even rec' my tips since Dec2005. *waves frantically.

Met up with M in the evening before heading to work. Didnt have the appetite but was made to eat. So down the gullet the hor fun went. *giggles

I suddenly miss school alot. I miss my debating days...I miss everything SO MUCH.
but there's no way we cant turn back time.

OMG. i just remembered i need to do something for M.

Fuck my poor and lousy memory.
OMG. my friend just did said the dumbest things ever.

Her : How do u define love.
Me : Well... Love can be defined as blah blah blah...
Her : Actually, love cannot be defined... It has no definition. It's a feeling.blah blah blah
Me : EH. U just asked me how do i DEFINE LOVE. if u think that it has no definition, DEN WHY U ASK ME??? and so, now i tell u how I define love, so u can choose not to agree ma... u ask ME wad... u never ask how to PEOPLE define love.
Her : hmmm....
Her : oh yah!!!
*roll eyes

Now u understand why i cant never be normal.

This is a rubbishy entry. OMG
i have no specific subject in mind to blog about lei... HOW ARH?

I think i should go and sleep soon. Brain's dying cause ive been thinking alot.

The tears ive shed
The blood that runs
The scar i bear
The pain i felt
The memory i kept

Into the mirror i look
No longer the me i see.
Where is she.

I dont know.
I guess, nobody does.

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