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Monday, February 20, 2006

Surfing the net. Came across this article. Mainly for reading pleasure.

12 things man want to tell woman :

1. Kissing and romance mean as much to us as sex.
2. We like you just the way you are; no models required!
3. We love when you cook us a meal, knit us a scarf, or buy us something we need without our asking.
4. We want to be constantly admired.
5. We appreciate when you contribute financially, especially if you can afford to.
6. Being kind to our mothers, siblings, and annoying relatives scores big points with us.
7. Unusual spots for sex turn us on.
8. We want to be validated all the time.
9. We need you to encourage us to take risks, and support us if we fail.
10. We can have platonic friendships with females.
11. We like women who are assertive, but not aggressive
12. We're not as different from you as you think.

I've only copy-paste the topic sentences. For more details, there is a direct link to the article here

Had a lazy afternoon at home. Caught the move Pink Panther at CWP with hans.
The movie was fine. a comedy just like it's supposed to be.
Nothing much for me to update about other den it's been a really boring day.

time for songs download.

it bring tears to my eyes
just seeing what i saw.
like a knife through my heart
as unbearable as it seems
as painful as it feels
i kept it to myself
and all to myself.....

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