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Friday, February 17, 2006

slept through the day and only woke up to see the sun setting.

gave tanning a miss cause it was getting pretty late(12pm) already and i figured i wont have enough time to prepare, get ready and head down to our lil island - Sentosa.

Poor Fabian ended up sun-tanning alone. Okay i owe this guy one tanning session. LOL

Woked up at 5pm only to figure out i have absolutely nothing to do all. Rejected joa's offer for Klunch earlier in the day. Thus i can only blame myself for the boredom.

Chatted with hans on msn and he invited me over. HOORAYS.
oh he got 7 days of mc cause of some chicken pox complication.
His younger brother kena chicken pox also but he didnt even look like he got it. LOL

age DOES make a difference. LOL

was supposed to watch DVD(some chinese movie) but ended up having dinner with him and his family and his cousin over at Jack's place(AMK).

Chatted, gossiped den home it was.

Turns out his brother's a Franz Ferdinand fan. I should have called him up last night instead of calling miss immsy. HAHAHAHAHA

Getting pretty bored right now and im thinking of catching a midnight movie at cine. Well, i'd see how it goes.

No pics for the time-being cause ive been pretty lazy to upload any.

Till then

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