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Saturday, February 11, 2006

A short summing up of wad happened today.

Met joa earlier den expected to head down to town.
Walked around and bought my stuffs.
Trained down to TM to get Joa's stuffs.
Took a bus down to Sun Plaza to meet Qi.
Rec' a couple "anonymous" sms.
Met up at Coffee Bean.
Shared chicken caesar salad and tomato based pasta.
Took lots of photos.
Went home.
Surfed the net.
Watched Final Destination and JawBreaker(yes and Crocodile Hunter Diaries too!).
Painted my nails in Vampire Red color.
Chatted on the phone with Imms.
Chatted/Sms with Hans.
Smsed with Joa.
Smsed with M.
Thinking of ending the entry and sleeping soon.

Im too lazy to upload the pics today. Maybe sometime tomorrow or sunday.
Will be heading down to MOE building on monday before work to get some paperwork done regarding my studies.

And hope those who rec' their O level results are satisfied with it. =)
For those whose gonna rec' their A level results soon, ALL THE BEST.

And im going to end this entry and sleep. Traning and Work tmr. GOSH.
busy busy like a bee.

Be my valentine. =)

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