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Friday, February 24, 2006

i didnt disappear.

im still around.

more blogging soon. tmr perhaps.
in the meantime.

i smoked for the 1st time in my entire 19 years. =)
it didnt felt good. but i love the pain i felt in my chest when i took a puff.
im not psychotic.
neither do i love inflicting pain on my self.

and no. i dont need any counselling.
sometimes, that's wad makes life interesting.
trying things out and knowing how it feels like. even if you really dont like it.

now ive taken my 1st step.
DRUGS? nah. nothing that's against the law at least.
and yea, im still alive and kicking.

though i coughed and coughed and vomited roughly 10mins after i finish the cig.
DEADLY. cigarettes are DEADLY to sharmain. =)

but the pain, oh yes
its thrilling.
but i dont want to it try it again.

i guess, cigarettes are just NOT MY CUP OF TEA.
oh just an update.

have u guys been reading up on newspaper.
esp CONTACT LENS user.
18 users of B&L Renu Multi-purpose solution has been diagnosed with a FUNGAL INFECTION.

so, at least, for now, you might wanna consider changing it.
If you bottle is still new and "fresh" and you have been having eye discomfort. I'd suggest, you stop the usage.
ESP if you feel a SHARP STINGING PAIN in your eye.

gosh. im already blind(without my glasses/contacts)
i dont wanna turn blind.

time for my rest.
off. and its gonna be bday-gift shopping soon.
DAMN, i hate buying presents. its a painful process.
*shakes head

I'd be back

green with envy
im all jealous.

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