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Thursday, February 09, 2006

okays. its been a pretty screwed up day.
1stly 1st. I reached home early in the morning at about 1030am.
Slept for a lil while before waking up to proceed to work.

Work was pretty much stressful. Working with HER is hell.
And my station keep getting slammed.
Meaning, the hostess/host/managers keep seating guests over at my station.

For 2 consecutive days. I have worked in the same station and i have gotten SLAMMED. do i sense some prejudice here? Or maybe the manager(s) just wanna see my face sOOooo much, they had to keep seating guests at my station.

Picture this. Table 1,2,3 is all taken. Table 1 asked for bill. Paid the bill and left. Cleared the tables, and another group was seated there.
Followed by table 2, but this time table 2 was separated into smaller tables resulting in tables 4,5,6 and 7. All fully seated.

There wasn't even a 15 min interval before the guests leaving and another group of guesting seating down. DAMN

2 consecutive days. I had SLOGGED like mad. Thank god im leaving soon. HEY, i didnt mention about my resignation.
Currently, im intending to quit on the 17 March. Meaning after my birthday. HOWEVER, i might leave at the end of February instead.

As to whether will i leave the restaurant temporarily or permanetly, i have no idea.
Too many complications. Too many problems.
Too many tongues.
Too many of everything.
It's tough to work in such an environment. But i figured it wont be much better somewhere else.

Skipped supper at work cause i didnt felt like eating.
Very much tempted to cab home but however my scissors-paper-stone game lost. So i had to wait for the transport.

tranport came. HELL. almost 15 people was gonna be in the same transport as me. And i couldnt accept the fact that i will reach home at 4am in the morning cause the asshole driver is such a loser and that there's SOOOO many irritating idiots(dont know when they start popping out from) taking the transport.

So i cabbed home.
Reached at 215. =)
Felt hungry and i started to ransack my fridge and i found.....
DURIAN CAKE. and being a glutton i was, i finished half of it. *laughs
im so gonna get screwed by my mom tomorrow morning. WAHAHHAHAHA

For now, i'd just wait for you
Wait for your daily calls.
I'd be patient.
Patient with you.
I'd be anxious to see you
To see your pretty face.

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