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Friday, February 24, 2006

a lil short and quick update.

Went clubbing at Devils just a couple of days ago. Drank a lil and danced a lil.
Its amazing how man-oriented clubs are becoming nowadays. HAHAHAHA
bet they're there for the wrong "right" reasons.

Though some are really there for the fun of it all.
People like ME! just to enjoy good music and dance the night away. *grins

Work has been terrifically GOOD busy in the past 2 weeks. GOOD sales but bad for SUAY staffs like me myself and i.

especially now that Francis has decided to "promote" me to taking care of long tables.
Meaning im to handle the entire long table all by myself.

Perhaps this is the "promotion/recognition" that my horoscope was talking about.
Joa perhaps stil can remember. =)

Long tables can be good in the sense that :
1. take order once.
2. serve all the food once.
3. clear all the stuffs once.

It can be bad in the sense that :
1. Continual service ( topping up of drinks )
2. Special requests of guests.
3. LARGE quantity of work upon seating of the guests.

But normally, people enjoy long tables cause once the guests leave, they have NOTHING TO DO.
my oh my, if only.

like i said, past 2 weeks, im fucking suay.
MY long tables leave already. all split into small tables. SECOND SEATING.

jialat. more work.


On a side note. Had one glass of BRANDY!
ahahahahaha, was complaining how my parents refused to let me drink the Brandy we have at home. (For decorative purposes).

And after operation hours. During supper, I HAD ONE GLASS OF FREE BRANDY. courtesy of supervisor FARZEA. ahahahahahahahahahahaha

the rest of them had beer though.
*thirst for hoegarden.

Courtesy of the indoor guests which didnt hit the minimum spending amount.
ahahahahahaha =)

i guess, that's one of the pull factors at work.

in the meantime, just some pics to share since i havent upload pics for sucha longgggg time...

Image hosting by Photobucket

Me and my TWO bouquet of roses for VDAY. =)))

Image hosting by Photobucket

Me and my cig. FIRST and LAST time. =S

Image hosting by Photobucket

Insufficient sleep. Fatigue.
Results in REDDISH LIPS.
i had no idea wad's with my red lips. AHAHAHAHAA

maybe i bit my lips before taking the pic. i really had no idea.
oh the black lady in the background is not my friend. I didnt know she was in the pic.

okays. im off for more sleeping.

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