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Sunday, February 19, 2006

im back to xanga.
cause i didnt want to password this blog.
but i didnt want to blog out much about my private life which i want to keep secretive.

Thus im using xanga as my second blog. Xangarians can add me now. =)
and my close friends who still holds on to xanga account, PLEASE KINDLY add me. =)

MOST of my posts there will be private/protected. So it'd be pointless for you to hop over. There'd be no tagboard nor music nor nice layout.

It'd serve its very good purpose of letting me rant on and allow my VERY close pals to read about it. =)

Id still be blogging here(like a bimbo). Talking about my everyday oh-so-mundane life. And ranting on wad i spend on shopping today or how was work or how ugly and fat i look blah blah blah...

Did you know, i have been blogging for almost 3 years now.
I was using Xanga back then.
and after one big round, im back to xanga.

*sniffs air
I SMELL ROSES. oh yea there's 24 stalks of roses in my room. =)

im hungry.
Till then, you can hop over to my xanga blog if you like. And yes i will link myself too... For the fun of it =)


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