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Friday, February 10, 2006


O level results releasing in less den 12 hours. I long forgotten how it feels like to wait, knowing that ur future lies within that piece of paper.

Owells, meaning its a matter of time before i start school soon. =)

a Lil more shopping tomorrow. Cant wait for next week.
Everybody just seems to be celebrating V'day.
Hope everything will turn out nicely. =)

In the meantime, i just wanna rest and sleep the rest of my day away.
Gotta make a trip to so many places over the weekends.

*screams and shouts.

I NEED A GETAWAY. soon. seriously, at least before my school starts.
Oh and i might be flying back to ChiangMai. It's yet to be confirmed. So if i do, id be away from singapore for some time during the june holidays.

Haven seen my dad for ages. Wonder where he's been.
And to all my dearest friends. PLEASE DONT msg me on MSN if you see (out) or (work) behind my nick. Im not by my com, so it's pointless for you to talk to me.

And in the morning all the way till 12 noon, id be sleeping. So its pointless to ask me if im by my com either. The only times im at my com.

Noon onwards (12pm) till about 4pm.
Wee hours from about 3am to 5am.

So if you SERIOUSLY, do have something u want to tell me, or confirm with me. There is such a service called "sms" or "phonecalls". I'd get back to you ASAP. that's for sure.
So please do me a favour and stop msn`ing me at other times.
1. sometimes im so sleepy, i just leave my com on without setting my status as away and i just go to bed. On top of that, i didnt turn down my speaker volume. Thus it gets pretty annoying with all the msn sounds.

2. Sometimes, i reach home. I find SOOOOO many msn chat windows on my taskbar. And when i want to reply, they are already offline. So if you know that im not going to reply you in time, WHY MSN ME?

3.If its urgent. CALL/SMS la. alamak....

Unless its my non-working days. Where you'd just have to try your luck. WAHAHAHAHAH
in the meantime, sleepyyyy.

seeing you smile
makes me smile
your laughter
warms my heart.

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