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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Have there been times where u just sit down and stare into space thinking of nothing
try so hard to want to think of a solution to wadever problem u have, but ur brain just isnt working.
u think and ponder about ur actions but couldnt find an answer/explanation for it.
you just feel so lost, u dont know what to do.

Im feeling all 4 of the above right now.

But im trying my very best efforts to put on a strong and cheerful front. Like what everybody potrays me to be.
I never understood, how is it even possible for people to jugde me even before they know me.
How can they come to a conclusion that im always cheery and happy just because i smile alot?

Why is it so hard, for people to accept the fact that i do have my own private time where i just wanna be left alone for me to organise my thoughts. or simply to just keep quiet.

Just because im talkative dont mean i cannot be quiet
Just because im cheerful dont mean i cannot be upset
Just because im a happy-go-lucky girl dont mean i dont have problems.

Sometimes, people should use their brains in the right manner.
Not pointing fingers nor making any accusations.

Posting results out on 10 March.
I have an invitation to PURE PURPLE's(hugo's new fragrance for woman) party at MOMO on 10 March.
My birthday is on the 11 of March.

I am allowed to bring 2 friends in. Free 2 drinks each. So any body wanna tag along?

Work tmr.

Once in a lifetime
The experience is good enough.

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