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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Bottom Line
Question authority on all levels today. The leaders are not telling the whole truth.

In Detail
When you're startled, one never knows what you might say or do in response -- that goes for any situation. But now that you're feeling a bit more emotional than usual, if there's anyone who's been toying with you unfairly of late, it might be wise to warn them that you're not always this nice. Not that you won't always be nice -- but they should keep in mind that there really are two of you in there.

true. i guess, people tend to take me for granted. knowing that sharmin sharmain is always miss nice. she will take all jokes in her stride, smile at you, laugh at the joke.
She will accept all sarcastic comments you throw at her.
She will take in all kinds of nonsensical criticism you say straight in her face.

oh yes, she is that miss nice.
but everybody, EVERYBODY has a limit. sometimes, its not easy being nice. seriously.

but its hard, for me to play the evil one. cause my conscience tends to play a big part.
this sucks.

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