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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

YAY. i dont need to pay for my swipe card. Cause apparently, it hasn't been processed yet. But karun was saying i should pay him for service charge. *laughs

Anyway, told Sean about some of the stuffs that's been going on. Damn he's one blur guy who doesnt know wad's going on. LOL
Then again, at least i know he can keep his mouth shut. UNLESS... okok i TRUST him to keep his gap shut.

Cabbed down(told u its an addiction) and alighted at UOB plaza. Gotta deposit money into my poor UOB account. Besides, need to keep aside some money la... Esp with CNY around the corner.

but id buy something simple and for everyday wear. =)
Must save money cause i got alot of things to buy.


oh did i mention she's like copying me now. The way i put my makeup. call me paranoid if you must.

BUT SHE NEVER PUTS MAKEUP. i mean the number of times ive seen her. She dont put makeup. NYE, I. READ THIS, ME. SHARMAIN TANG was the one who put makeup for her okay...

Most would know that i put my colored eyeliner and my mascara. And i use my bright colors. Its like using my eyeliner in an eyeshadow+eyeliner sort of way. One thick line across.

AND NOW? she does the same thing tooooo??
HELLO? wad the fark you want la... TRYING TO BE ME? so that u can seduce him? LOL i dont even bother to turn on my charm to get my colleagues noticing me you know?

Sean was saying how insecure she in. LOL then again, she should be. Afterall, i mean, HOW CAN U COMPARE HER WITH ME?

Work's so much better off without her around.

Imms said she's just one ***** FUCK. i got some colleagues reading my blog. So i must mind my usage of words. Furthermore, i dont want me going to work and having to answer SOOOO many questions. Or worse, words get out and people all start asking who is the bitch that i hate at work. =)

So wad even if im a 2-face. Im not hiding it. Im merely not showing my hatred for her. Im actually keeping a distance and staying away from her.
Colleagues of mine, dont bother guessing. When the time is ripe, the beans will spill. =)

For now, id leave you as it is.
FRIDAY. shopping. lil one.

NOW. sleep. my bed.

the morning sun
shines so bright.
the thought of you
brings me the light.

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