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Monday, January 02, 2006

What a way to start off a new year.

I bet ONLY joa will know wad is going on...
Other den the people involved. *GRINS


OMG, im loving it... =)

Mini shopping at bugis with her and her mom. Bought my blusher and lipgloss. Shall wait for my next pay to come in before i get the rest of wad i NEED.

Right now, i wish i have a sugar daddy... *GRINS
if only im pretty and hot enough to get one...DAMN, but im not, so no sugar daddy for me, means more working to earn more money.

it's every girl's dream. =)

I will STILL not be updating much on my personal life. Not because of that "." on my tag. But cause, i HATE knowing that people can always rely on my blog to know wad's going on in my life. I'd rather waste money and go out, see my friends and exchange stories and gossip face to face rather den via this stupid WEBPAGE.

thus this blog shall be meant solely for my crapping purpose, unless i feel like sharing my stupid nonsensical life.


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