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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Well well...

I FEEL LIKE A SLUT. thanks very much.
*slaps to wake herself up.

Sometimes even the most powerful woman(points to myself) makes stupid mistakes knowing its wrong. Den again, since i hold such authority, i shouldnt be giving it a damn should i?

Im going and i will continue to do wad im doing. Until someone stops me.
I make stupid lies to hide my ulterior motive. While people see me as the young innocent bimbotic girl.

U have seen nothing. U have not seen wad my dearest Joa has seen. I am the ultimate woman in the world. My brain doesnt just work one way. It works in a terribly complicated manner whereby i have so much information and plans running through it but u just dont see it.

Like i always say.

"What u see me on the outside is nothing but pretence."

So, whenever you see me, bear the above sentence in mind. I might just be plotting something against you. =)

But im not all that evil. *puppy dog eyes.

Thank god i have good connections with my friends/acquaintances/colleagues/ex-bosses/schoolmates/classmates etc etc etc...

Still, watch your back. You'd never know when im going to snap back at you. *grins

This is straying away from wad i had initially wanted to blog about.

Training was fun and short. Headed down to Chinatown soon after to meet up with my JC mates. GOSH, i hardly mention about 'em do i.

Rushed through my MAC dinner and squeezed with the immense crowd. DAMN, its so crowded i wish someone had screamed " MOLEST " and everybody gives way. =)

And there's lots of Police too. *phew. BUT THE POLICE ARENT DOING ANYTHING!!!
All stand there like models posing and watching the performances??

Oh and its the year of the dog. I LOVE DOGGIES(no pun intended).
P/S : hans u are getting old. LOL

Anyway, was walking around ( in the rain) and me and JiaBi got attracted by this Taiwan Muah Chee thingy. So we went to take a look and i ended up buying 1100g ( 1.1kg) worth of Muah Chee in different flavours.

I had only initially wanted to buy 500g or so. Cause the uncle told me " U BUY 1kg la, i give u 100g free. OKOK" and he happily proceeded to stuffing the plastic bag with more muah chee when i didnt even give him the "GO on" signal.

What a way to sell. *laughs

Thus i ended up with ONE BIG BAG Of new year taiwan muah chee. My friends grew tired of eating it anyway.
Headed to the market for a quick bite. My fav food stall was close. No char siew rice for me... *SOBS

i didnt wanna eat porridge so i ended up eating the $1 ching teng. U ALL EAT BEFORE ANOT. its nice and cheap and it was on TV. NO? lousy la you.. next time i bring u go eat... LOL

Walked from chinatown to clarke quay to boat quay to ACM. Decided to drop by my colleagues to distribute my immense amount of muah chee. My mom's gonna make me eat it as a substitute for my meals. And i stayed on after that till 2am.

Not work. Just major slackation. JC friends left soon after to catch their train while i happily stayed on and chit chatted with all the different colleagues. Accompanying them during their breaks. =)

My colleagues said " you have a rich girl's look"
DAMN. im supposed to look poor. =(
If im rich, why am i working. *cover ears. Dont tell me about anything. i dont want to hear. WAHAHAHAHAH

Lots of things i wish i can blog out. Wish i can empty my thoughts onto my blog. But i cant, my life right now, its far too _____ (insert word here). I cant find the proper word. Secretive? no, i just cant seem to find the word.

1-hand-countable number of friends who knew about the most RECENT updates about me, should know wad im going through right now. FUN but not that fun. =)
It's taxing alright. =) and very draining.

And yes, i do love all of you. Was discussing which day shall be my last day at work.
Definitely not anything SO SOON. but its a matter of time. March? April? or will i continue to keep working when im schooling and stay there for a year?

Colleagues are fun and great. But then, tat's the bad side to it. I haven exactly found a sole-mate at work. I haven exactly found someone that i can talk to and trust. (minus jason. i knew him before i worked there)

Up till that day, i dont think there's any pull factor(as yet) that makes me wanna stay at the restaurant long term. I have made great colleagues. Friends? i cant and i dont wish to judge right now.

I'm tired. Downloaded more songs today(on others behalf) and i chanced upon a song that i didnt know was the song i had been looking for. *slaps herself

Raghav - So confused.
MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Im satisfied for now.

Your dosage is not enough to feed my appetite.
I need more
And im hungry for it.
Show it to me
And to none others.
p/s im not talking about sex.

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