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Friday, January 13, 2006


let me start off my entry today by complaining how ACCIDENT PRONE I AM TODAY(thursday).

At about 7pm, one of the supervisors had asked me to take something from the back of the kitchen. Thus i made my way through the kitchen, and in the midst of doing so, i had conveniently BURNT my fingers.

Image hosted by
As you can see from the picture above, i had been walking right next to the stove, when someone( i really dont know who) accidentally pushed me, causing me to lose my balance, yes the kitchen floor is VERY slippery, and thus i had to hold on to something for support.

And my fingers had conveniently landed on the STOVE right next to me which is to my left.
The red dot represents my location at that point of incident.

Thus now, i have 2 cooked fingers. My middle and 4th finger of my left hand is burnt.
The pain persisted for almost 2 hours before it finally subsided a lil.

I had tried MANY various methods suggested by my colleagues. Of cuz i had rushed to run my fingers under running water and pressing ice against the burnt areas.

One of my colleague had suggested submerging my entire hand into a bucket of ice water.
I did so and i felt immense pain in my entire hand. The icy numbness pain had diverted my attention away from my burnt fingers, to my hand. Not a very wise idea after all.

Abang Fadlee saw it and say " your hand will become swollen like that. Go and put butter."
I immediately poured away the bucket of ice water, BUT I DID not apply butter to my finger.

1stly, i do not believe in such methods such as putting soya sauce or butter or wadever nonsense. Toothpaste is understandable because its "cooling".
HOWEVER, please bear in mind that these methods DOES NOT WORK. it has no scientific base.

I read about this in one of the magazines. So please please please do not try it.
I went to the 1st-aid box and applied some soothing cream after that.

I hope there wont be any blisters.

Following my burnt finger incident. I had ALSO conviniently ACCIDENTALLY spiked my own finger when i was spiking the white order copy. Instead of spiking the order sheet, i spiked my own finger. Now there's a hole in my 3rd finger on my RIGHT hand.

Yes, both my hands are injured.

And sometime later, i had ALMOST slipped and fell off the platform when the platform wasn't even wet and slippery.

*roll eyes.

Accident-prone day indeed. I even made a stupid joke out of it. I told my supervisor, if u all can send people home early today, PLEASE SEND ME.
otherwise, if im asked to wipe the glasses, i might end up breaking the glasses and cutting myself.
Or if im wiping the cutleries, i might accidentally poke myself with the knife or fork.
Or if im doing the oil lamps, i might accidentally spill the oil onto myself and set fire to myself.

So if they dont send me home, i might end up dying at the restaurant.

But i stayed till 1am with no more accidents happening to me.
ITS GOTTA BE friday the 13th curse. =)

Anyways, enough of nonsense. Met immelia in the mid afternoon to finally satisfy my craving for MASALA THOSAI from KOMALA VILAS. =) *yummy

Headed over for my eyebrowing threading. I will have to make a trip there again a few days before CNY. =) oh and the restaurant's not close on CNY meaning i MUST TAKE OFF.

Cabbed down to work. Had a good supper. Fish, Fried Rice, Chicken, Minced chicken. *YUMMY

I cant wait for tomorrow. I mean later. =)
im a happy girl.

Because, my sister is heading to malaysia for some meeting and i had asked her to BUY SHOES FOR ME!!! WEEEEEEE
more shoes for CNY...CHEAP ONES TOO... *grin

i need to go on a holiday. REALLY soon. hans???where is the holiday u promised me....

I have yet to buy my organiser. HMMM

shopping. later.

the thought of you
makes me smile.

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