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Monday, January 16, 2006

Song of the day : PUMP IT - BEP


I've been very well entertained in the past 2 days.. =)
Thus i haven't been bothered to come online, but instead shut down for my com after leaving in on for the past 1++ months... =)

Anyways, there's been nothing much for me to blog about anyway. Other den i simply love my new bag. *grins at joa.

AND I NEED TO GO SHOPPING AGAIN. i need new clothes.
And my sister will be returning to singapore in the next few hours... SHOES? NO SHOES?

I NEED A VDAY DATE. anyone anyone? correction.


Boring day, i wanna work work work... I wanna earn more money... I wanna work more to earn money to buy more thingssss... =)

oh, i just bought a new guess watch. =) *GRINS
i need something feminine anyway.

I need a helper to help clean up my room. =) it looks like a garbage room now. Maybe, i should go and pack it now instead... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

turn up the radio
blast the stereo louddddddd.......

I have a couple of stuffs to sell away. Shall start doing up my inventory after i pack my room. =)

Peck me on my cheeks
Im contented.

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