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Friday, January 06, 2006

Out of extreme boredom AGAIN.

I present to you these nonsense. =)

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ZA users will find the above pink box extremely familiar. It's none other den the ZA Pink Champagne Limited edition set. I also have the purple color one in Midnight Mauve.

However, the inside of the box is not ZA products but its.....


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MY collection of CHEAP watches. A total of only 7 poor watches. I promise to increase this collection. Also, my GUESS? and swatch watch is not presented here because hor, they are slightly more expensive la..

oh and if u realised, i have found my "missing" green watch. YAY YAY YAY...

What if some people thought they look nice and decided to rob me. HOW HOW?? so i cannot post them up. Must keep them safely in some places.

Sorry har, my engrish bery poor one. I cannot speak or write proper english. My O level english grade hor... only B4 nia... VERY JIALAT hor...

So hor, u all hor, dont comment on my english please. It's very poor, i duno how to use bombastic words or those very cheem cheem kind one.

Okay la.. now to the next picture la hor.. Dont talk so much nonsense la...

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My mother hor, she say hor, my this box can throw away. WHY? because look like all rubbish.
BUT HOR, i tell u la.. u see closely hor, its actually my accessories. Not everything but 80% of it.
My necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings etc...


i had went to hang all my accessories nicely and did a count of it. Please kindly add a +++ to the numbers.

A total of :
25+++ pairs of earrings.
3+++ pairs of INCOMPLETE earrings.
10+++ necklaces.
10+++ bracelets
4+++ rings.

the +++ is to make up for some of the accessories that's hidden inside my bag or somewhere around the house.

Told u liao. Now my room sibei messy ma.. WAD TO DO? u wan come my house help me clean up anot? i blanja u lunch/dinner la. THAI FOOD somemore okay.

Den hor, i see see, look around my room. Nothing else to take. Because the rest of the room hor.. jian bu de guang ( cannot see light ). Too messy la.

So hor, i decided to take picture of the neatest thing in the room la. WHICH IS ME LA. =)
So i started cam-whoring.
But hor, i so ugly and so not photogenic. I took like nearly 20 pictures hor, only got these few not so bad one...

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nice anot? pretty anot. Okay la, NOT PRETTY NOT PRETTY LA.
I now very bored ma.

Anyway, i teach u all some good remedy for sore throat.

Its the legendary LEMON HONEY DRINK.

Ingredients :

1 whole lemon ( cut into halves )
Warm/Hot water.

One lemon can make about 2 glasses la( depending on how big ur glass is la).

U squeeze out the juice from one half of the lemon(take out all the seeds arh) into the glass. Add about 3-4 teaspoon of honey. Add about 200-250ml of hot/warm water. Stir till the honey dissolves. And its ready for consumption.

u have to consume the drink while its warm for maximum results.

SO go and try again. and please make sure u are using HONEY. and not maple syrup. I duno wad's the outcome like if u use maple syrup.

HAVE FUN. Imma go and take my rest now.

Tell me how did ur lemon honey drink turn out okay. =)

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