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Friday, January 20, 2006

OFF. while many other colleagues had to work tomorrow. I'M OFF. MUAHAHAHAHA *evil laughter.

my assitant manager said : "dont want work nevermind. I will put ur name down and if you dont turn up, i take it as MC"...

and i had rebute him saying(not in a threatening manner) :
" its supposed to be my off day, and i will want it to be my off day. I will not allow you to take it away from me. If u wanna sack me, go ahead."

Im entitled to offdays right? Am i not. So since its my off day, how can u take it away from me. Especially when i said "i am not free on this particular day"...


What if he really did sack me?

Do u think i work for the sake of earning money? Support myself, yes. But my family is not financially incapable. I could have stayed home everyday and shake leg and just open my mouth and ask for money.

BUT I DIDNT. Besides, if i stay home everyday shake leg, ALAMAK. WILL SIAN ONE YOU KNOW. on my off days if i stay home, i already complain to joa "sian sian sian... boring bored boringgg"

So, my main reasons for working?
1. Kill Time
2. Gain experience/Knowledge.

And in the midst of doing so, i can also learn to be more independant.

Although i know that its technically not right to not mind being sack. BUT logically,
my off day is my off day. meaning im not supposed to work. meaning i can have my own plans for that day. Be it staying home to sleep or going out with my friends to have fun.

Thus, if i have plans. There is nothing wrong with it. Thus u have no right to put my name down on that day as though its NOT my off day and fool the management and take it as i was on MC when its my OFF DAY.

=) if i was free and could have helped, it was another matter. but i had plans. SO it remained as my off day.

Reached home at 130pm cause travers sent me home again. I love it when he drives the car and he sends me home. LOL =) its such a pleasure. Oh did i mention he was my primary school senior. THE WORLD IS SO SMALL....

Just a few pictures since i havent been photowhoring for quite some time.

Image hosted by

Edward's a pretty bad photographer. Note that this picture was taken using his phone's camera. LOL.

and yes we were in the car. =)

Image hosted by

When u cant sleep at night and decides to start playing with ur camera.
Did i mention i love my lips. =)


Dont be the one to tell me
It's over.
Be the one
to call me your baby.

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