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Thursday, January 12, 2006

MY FEET IS ROTTING. nah its not. im typing that cause i duno wad to blog today.
OH for once, i reach home(via transport) before 230am. HURRAYS.

Work was terrible. I was posted to station D/E where there was 2 big groups. (12pax each).
TERRIBLE TERRIBLE. lucky i wasnt handling the two tables much.
and tmr? 77pax?

OMG, for a min i thought i heard wrongly. 77PAX TMR!!! i hope i wont have to be station at wherever that stupid table is gonna be.
Other than that, work was pretty much fine. "cept that FOR THE 1st time in my LIFE. someone peeled an APPLE FOR ME!!!

and this guy is not even my boyfriend. SO SWEET RIGHT.
all i merely said was "if i eat, you must cut out the skin for me"
AND HE DID!!! awwwwwww


i was sooo tempted to give him a hug for his sweetness when i remembered he got girlfriend la. LOL so cannot anyhow hug.

MUAHAHAHAHAHA and he's a vietnamese. =)
Had my dosage of white wine. (i still prefer red wine) Shaw & Smith if i'm not wrong. YUCK. sorry to white-wine lovers. BUT I STILL PREFER RED WINE. Then again, white wine, red meat? Dont go well either ways. LOL

Very random content today. Shopping on friday, i cant wait.NEW YEAR CLOTHES NEW YEAR CLOTHES....
I have a craving for MASALA THOSAI FROM KOMALA VILAS. any takers? immelia? Or MURTABAK. OR ROTI PRATA AT JLN KAYU...

Anyway, i MIGHT be changing my working schedule to 5-1 instead. No no no, dont get the wrong idea... It's cause more pay and easier to calculate u see.

5pm-1am = 8 hours
5 days : 8*5 = 40 hours

EASIER TO CALCULATE PAY ALSO. besides, i always reach work at about 5pm. =) and since they said 5 oclock staff very slack one. LOL WHY NOT???


imma go catch some sleep now since the weather is so nice. NIGHTS ALL

Oh, did i mention i think/high chance might be suffering from rheumatism(however u spell it, im too lazy to check AT A YOUNG AGE OF 19?? OMG

Love its something i cant describe
Love is something that i feel.
The way i feel about you. =)

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